Sunday and Midweek Church Services

    Each church has a regular pattern of Sunday and Midweek services. Further details can be found on the individual church websites: All Hallows, St Matthew & St James and St Barnabas

    Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals


    Baptism marks the start of a journey of faith that involves becoming a member of the local and worldwide Christian family.  
    Anyone who lives in the parish of All Hallows, St Matthew & St James Mossley Hill or St Barnabas, or who attends services regularly, or has a qualifying connection- e.g. they were married at the church, may apply for their child to be baptised. The Baptism service is also often referred to as a Christening.

    You can check whether you live in the parish on, simply enter your postcode into the Parish Finder.

    If you are eligible contact our Team Administrator. She will take the relevant details and contact information and pass this to the Baptism Coordinator at the relevant church. Each church has set dates for baptism services; the Team Administrator can give you more information about this when you contact her.

    The coordinator will then phone you to discuss dates and send an introductory letter with contact details and leaflets about baptism and godparents. Each church has its own way of preparing families for baptism and for welcoming them into the church. More information can be found on the individual church’s websites. 


    Congratulations on your decision to get married. We are delighted that you are considering our church for your wedding. We have put together some answers to common questions to guide you:

    Can I get married in one of the Mossley Hill team churches?

    In order to marry in any Church of England church a couple first has to show a qualifying connections. The most common are that you live in the parish, or that you already attend the church. However, there are several other connections which may enable you to marry here. You can look through the list of connections and check which parish you live in at:

    How much will it cost?

    The Church of England sets the statutory fees for weddings each year and each church has discretion to add fees for a verger and heating costs. In 2015 the basic cost for a wedding at Mossley Hill is £486 (Summer - without heating) £546 (Winter - with heating). There are a number of optional extras such as the organist and choir. Contact our administrator for more details.

    Can I get married in church if I’ve been divorced?

    The Church of England agreed in 2002 that divorced people could remarry in church under certain circumstances. We believe that marriage is for life, but also recognise that sadly, some marriages do fail. If this is your situation then please contact our administrator and she will make you an appointment for you to speak to the Vicar. They will want to talk to you frankly about your past and your hopes for the future and will let you know whether they can remarry you. 

    What are Banns?

    Banns are an announcement in church of your forthcoming marriage and give the opportunity for anyone who believes the marriage would be unlawful to say so. It is an ancient tradition and a requirement in law for a church wedding. Banns are read in the church where you are to marry and in the parish church/es where you live, if that is different.

    How do I make a booking?

    Contact our administrator, either by phone or email and she will take some details from you. If you have a qualifying connection (see above) then your requested date will be checked with the church diary and if the date is available then a provisional booking will be made. You will then be invited to one of the bi-monthly vestry meetings where you will meet with one of the team clergy. They will go through the legalities with you, explain the banns form and we will give you a useful information pack to help with planning your wedding. Following that meeting your wedding date will be confirmed.

    For more information contact our Team Administrator, Kathryn Topping on 0151 724 6391 or

    See for more useful information and advice about getting married in church 


    Everyone is entitled to a request a funeral service in church regardless of whether they attended church, or not. We welcome all to mark their loved one’s life with a funeral service here in church. This is usually followed by a short committal service at the crematorium or burial at a cemetery.

    Once you have chosen which funeral director you want to use, let them know that you would like to have the funeral in All Hallows, St Matthew & St James or St Barnabas Church and they will then liaise with us to make the necessary arrangements regarding the
    date and time.

    The minister who will be taking the service will then contact you directly to arrange a visit to discuss the service, including helping with choice of hymns and readings and if they didn’t know your loved one then to find out more about the person’s life. Many families like to do their own homily or tribute during the service and guidance about this can also be given.

    If you have any questions then please contact our Team Administrator – Kathryn Topping on 0151 724 6391 or